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Distribution services

Power Line Services

Power Line Services provides a full scope of construction and maintenance services for electrical distribution systems. We have built and maintained numerous underground and overhead distribution lines. Power Line Services is known for efficiency, safe practices and exceeding our clients expectations.

Street Lighting

Tavanir Gostar Garm installs and repairs street lights for utility companies and municipalities in new and existing residential and commercial areas. We have the specialized equipment and experienced crews to meet your street lighting installation, repair and upgrade needs with safety and efficiency.

Hotline services

For maintenance or upgrading of existing lines, our Powerline Technicians are trained in live line work methods including rubber glove and bare hand techniques up to and including 64kV. Our powerline technicians have access to a large inventory of specialty live line equipment and temporary supporting devices. Tavanir Gostar Garm team has proudly provided uninterrupted live line maintenance and upgrading to our customers for over 10 years.

Switchgear Transformer Maintenance

TGG engineers are familiar with all aspects of maintenance and testing and make use of state of the art tools and techniques for evaluating transformer condition. While on-line diagnostic systems and computerized testing methods are very helpful, they are not a substitute for sound engineering judgment and expertise.


RTV coating
Insulator coating
Anti-Corrosion coating

TGG Group offers a variety of protective coatings to restore and preserve utility and substation equipment

Transmission services

TGG Services

Construction and maintenance of overhead high-voltage transmission lines through 500kV is our specialty. We build and service major assets for many of the nations largest utilities, regional cooperatives and municipalities and are known for safe practices, efficiency and exceeding our clients expectations.


TGG CO. provides a full range of services for overhead high-voltage transmission line construction and maintenance up to 500kV.

Insulator Washing

TGG CO. offers a wide variety of well-proven insulator maintenance equipment to wash all types of contaminant from insulators.

RTV Coating

RTV Coatingv is a high voltage insulator coating which performs by virtue of its highly hydrophobic water repellent nature.