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Hotline services

 Hotline services

Power Line Services provides a full scope of construction and maintenance services for electrical distribution systems. For maintenance or upgrading of existing lines, our Powerline Technicians are trained in live line work methods including rubber glove and bare hand techniques up to and including 64kV. Our powerline technicians have access to a large inventory of specialty live line equipment and temporary supporting devices. Tavanir Gostar Garm team has proudly provided uninterrupted live line maintenance and upgrading to our customers for over 10 years.

 Our Live Line Maintenance works include:

 Replacement of all types of insulators like tension strings or suspension strings.

 Repairing of full load conductors with the help of sleeves and strengthening, replacement of mid-span joints

 Measurements of temperature at clamp terminals and connectors.

 Live line construction and maintenance, including Hot Stick, Bare Hand and Rubber Gloves techniques