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Switchgear Transformer Maintenance

 Visual and Mechanical Inspection

 Inspect physical conditions for oil leakages, oil level, repair of leakage if any

 Inspection for electrical connection tightness, grounding Etc

 Inspection for Cracks & Dust in Bushing, Gasketted Joints, Bushing Replacement, Replacement of Gasket

 Electrical Inspection for transformer loading, continuity, inspection for tightness of earth connection in pits

 Inspection for proper operation of radiator valves, drain valves Etc

 Thoroughly wipe down, vacuum, and dust transformer

 Check for air passages are clear. Check for color of active agent in Silicagel Breather

 Analysis of Insulating oil for electrical strength, oil filtration and oil replacement is required

 Painting of transformer if required

 Electrical Tests Performed on transformers

 Resistance testing through bolted connections

 Insulation-resistance tests, winding to winding, and each winding to ground

 Turns-ratio tests at all tap positions

 Electrical Verification for BDV of Insulating Oil

 Dissolved Gas Analysis of transformer oil

 Thoroughly wipe down, vacuum, and dust transformer