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TGG Coatings

 RTV Coating

TGG is a one part RTV silicone coating that prevents flashovers due to leakage current in contaminated environments.

TGG silicone coating is uniquely formulated to offer excellent performance and a long-term solution to flashover problems.

Not only is TGG Coating highly water repellent, so contaminants cannot film over the surface, but it is not affected by:

  UV light


 Corrosive environments

 ATH pitting from dry band arcing




 Paintable Insulator

To overcome the problem, utilities have applied various types of protective “wildlife caps” to no avail. They fail physically due to corona cutting, tracking, erosion and the sun’s UV rays. As well, they fail to prevent animals from chewing or reaching underneath the cap. The solution is simple. Utilities are implementing TGG Paintable Insulation Animal Guard Coating. A one-coat application of >1520μ (60 mil) on the metal surfaces provides 20 kV insulation strength. When applied to both ends of insulators, sufficient insulation strength is obtained to guard against animal and bird related flashovers on a 25 kV system.


 Anti-Corrosion Coating

The fight against the ravages of corrosion is a neverending battle. To protect against service interruptions and expensive repair of structural steel, the correct coating needs to be specified. Every coatings manufacturer claims to solve problems, but only TGG Anti-Corrosion Coatings provide a reliable, cost-effective solution. Because of its superior adhesive properties, TGG Anti-Corrosion Coatings require minimal surface preparation. Thus, no priming is required on almost all substrates and adhesion to metal surfaces is outstanding if not unsurpassed.